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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Jerseylicious Season 3 Episode 11 Heads Will Roll

Jerseylicious Season 3 Episode 11 Heads Will Roll

Tracy is competing in a Multicultural Hair Show and the Gatsby shows up to support her. Olivia makes a shocking confession. Alexa launches a new service.Six stylists from New Jersey fight for the spotlight in this new comedy docusoap on The Style Network. Get ready for big drama, big families, and very big hair! Jerseylicious Season 3 Episode 11 31st July New Jersey has often been touted as the butthole of the east coast, but in recent years it's gained a massive resurgence due mainly to the MTV reality show Jersey Shore, which highlighted several early twenties youths from the garden state whose national pastime consists of pumping iron, doing laundry and getting tanned. And lots of sex, tons of sex. Now this version of Jersey follows a mother and daughter who own a beauty salon (the Gatsby) and their illogical team of hairstylists and nail professionals. Why is it that i cannot look away, 2011 Online Tv Live Streaming. gatsby To Go holds its first on-site event; Anthony searches for ways to expand the business; Gigi moves on emotionally and physically

Their was a specific style in the eighties as their was with the nineties, and now the style is every single generation's quirk stacked on top of each other. Over the top makeup, super tight, super skimpy, high-heeled, fake nailed, fake tanned, fake titties, fake personalities and fake boobs, oh wait i already mentioned that. In one episode sometimes lead make-up artist Olivia contemplates getting her boobs done because shes sick of stuffing chicken cutlets into her bra (Gorden Ramsey would shut her down in two seconds) and in some kind of divine intervention she breaks down, and falls back on the flimsy false truth of her stuffed basket, decides not to get the surgery. You know all these woman are naturally beautiful, they wouldn't have to do much at all to hi-lite their looks, but instead every woman on this show looks like a cross between C C Deville and any member of Faster Pussycat! Really they all look like drag queens and or eighties glam metal rejects. Then there's Tracey who you could re-do an outhouse with the amount of toxic chemicals that are present on her body. I give the show nine stars due to the head scratching effect of all these catty, superficial hags.

Release date:21 March 2010 (USA)
Cast And Crew
Stars:Tracy Dimarco, Gayle Giacomo,Vivica A. Fox,Lorenzo Gangala,Brielle Calafiore,Christy Pereira,Alexa Prisco
Series Produced by: Ming F. Lee, Brian McCarthy
Series Cinematography by: Troy Dunnagan
Production Co: Endemol
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 21 March 2010 (USA)

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