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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Leverage Season 4, Episode 6 The Carnival Job

Leverage Season 4, Episode 6 The Carnival Job

The Leverage team infiltrates a high-tech home to steal a revolutionary computer chip, only to have the family’s child abducted from a carnival during the heist. Meet Nathan Ford, a former insurance investigator who spent his professional career dedicated to the company that he recovered millions in stolen goods for. This same insurance company would refuse a medical claim for his son that would take the life of the innocen [+]more Leverage Season 4, Episode 6 31st July The Leverage team goes back to college to track down homeless veterans in the Boston area. 2011 Online Tv Live Streaming. To take out a conman from a family line of great conmen, the Leverage team has to strive to pull off the greatest con of their careers.The team goes after an ailing defense contractor who steals a young girl's intended heart for his own. With time running out before the girl dies, the team has to run the con at an airport while they're stuck on a layover.The team takes on a crooked funeral director who embezzles money from her mourners and then steal their loved ones' identities for use by a Mexican drug cartel

The Hot Potato Job" is one of those episodes which isn't complicated, the job consisting of the recovery of a potato, which results in lots of useless flashback scenes to fill in the empty space, but the episode is consistently funny, making up for the deficiencies in plot. This whole Nate and Sophie thing is rather bothersome by now and I wish the writers would either make up their mind what to do with them or stop with the brief, cutesy stuff which don't really have a purpose.

Genre:Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Creators: John Rogers, Chris Downey
Stars: Timothy Hutton, Christian Kane and Beth Riesgraf
Official Sites: TNT | Add/edit official
Country: USA
Language: English
Also Known As: Dokonalý podraz
Filming Locations: Chicago, Illinois, USA

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