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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Watch Kanchana (2011) Movie Online Free Trailer Cast Crew and Preview

Watch Kanchana (2011) Movie Online Free Trailer Cast Crew and Preview

Kanchana Tamil Movie
Horror Movie

Cast: Lawrence Raghavendra, Lakshmi Rai, Sarath Kumar
Director: Lawrence Raghavendra
Release Date: 22 Jul 2011
Genre: Horror
Language: Tamil

Online Watch Kanchana Tamil Movie For Free Trailer and Preview of Kanchana Bollywood Film Cast Crew Pictures and Wallpapers its mean all things are available in my blog please see and check here for latest things for you thanks,Kanchana ,Watch Free Kanchana movie,Kanchana online, Live Streaming Kanchana ,download Kanchana movie,online movie songs,Online watch Kanchana ,Kanchana full Movie,Kanchana Movie Trailer,Kanchana Mp3 Songs.Genre Horror is very rarely touched in Tamil films. Reason – A track record of Tamil Horrors going duds at box-office.

The Story : Kanchana will be the fifth film directed by Lawrence after Don, Muni, Mass and Style. This film is made as a bilingual film in Tamil and Telugu. Kanchana will be a sequel of his directorial venture Muni. Lakshmi Rai will share the screen with Lawrence in Kanchana and Sarathkumar for the first time in his career plays a transgender.


You cannot blame the audience’s habit of comparing Tamil Horrors with Hollywood’s good scares. Still, you see, both are poles apart in budget and technological advancement. But, it is the poor script, poor make-up and the irritating graphics that are attributed for the failures of Tamil Horrors.
Thank God, Raghava Lawrence has not pushed his ‘Kanchana’ into that poor league of those big irritating Tamil horrors. Thanks to his simple script and entwined light-hearted comedy that has saved the film.
The promos and teasers did evoke huge expectations and the director has not failed to fulfill the audience expectations. ‘Kanchana’ does scare us with the story…

Raghava (Raghava Lawrence) is a happy-go-lucky young man. He plays cricket and is the darling of everybody. But, the problem with him is he is so afraid of darkness and ghosts. His beloved mother (Kovai Sarala) lends a helping hand whenever the hero goes crazy about those scary things.
And, the ghosts play a game here while Raghava plays cricket. Three ghosts enter Raghava’s house along with the blood stained stumps he takes home in. The ghosts for their part play some scary acts (sometimes they do scare us) and enter the body of Raghava. He behaves abnormally, like a transgender.
With the help of a Muslim big-man the family discovers a story behind the ghost Kanchana that has now taken charge of Raghava’s life. The flash back…
Kanchana was a transgender (Sarathkumar), who helps another poor transgender girl in her studies. Kanchana and the family are killed by an MLA (Devan) in a land dispute.
The same Kanchana is now in the body of Raghava ready to take revenge against her killers. Whether the ghost Kanchana (Raghava) took revenge or not forms the climax of the film.

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