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Monday, 1 August 2011

Basketball Wives Season 3, Episode 9 `Season 3, Episode 9

Basketball Wives Season 3, Episode 9 `Season 3, Episode 9:

 It's not easy being the wife or girlfriend of a basketball player. In this reality tv series, the lifestyle of basketball players and their relationships are revealed. From large homes to designer wear, and even questioning fidelity while on the road, this is the life on Basketball wives.. Basketball Wives Season 3, Episode 9 1st August Youtube Free Online VIDEO VH1 Watch Anger Management Episode For Free Trailer and Preview of 1st August 2011 Cast Crew Pictures and Wallpapers.Online Watch Basketball Wives Episode Full On VH1 TV 1st August June 2011 English Drama Serial. Watch Basketball Wives VH1 Video online Free, Basketball Wives Series VH1 1st August 2011 Online Tv Live Streaming. Royce's meeting with Eric makes Jen's blood boil, Chad surprises Evelyn with a unique outing, and Jen finds chemistry on a blind date set up by pal Al Reynolds.Guess who else is back? Our home girl Tami! Tami was missing in action last week for the Royce-and-Evelyn wineglass-slinging brouhaha, but she's now back to Warren G this whole situation. But before she can do that, we first have to talk about Suzie.

I've come to the conclusion that Suzie is simple. That can be the only explanation. For some reason, she's desperate for Royce to get along with Jennifer, Evelyn and Shaunie, despite the fact that Royce has stated quite clearly that this just ain't happenin'. But when Royce tells our little friend that "I don’t want to be friends with them," Suzie doesn't hear that. Instead she hears, "I must ask Royce again to be friends with Evelyn, Jenn and Shaunie one thousand more times."Meanwhile, our favorite needs-subtitles-when-he-speaks former NBA journeyman player, Eric Williams' Teeth, is back. Turns out that Royce is still tweeting with the brother, which perturbs the newly ex-Mrs. Eric Williams' Teeth to no end. But that's not all.

Stars: Evelyn Lozada, Shaunie O'Neal and Royce Reed
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 11 April 2010 (USA)
Filming Locations: Miami, Florida, USA

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