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Monday, 10 October 2011

Watch The Bad Girls Club Season 7, Episode 11 Keeping It 100 Free Video

Watch The Bad Girls Club Season 7, Episode 11 10th October Keeping It 100 Free Video While in Barbados, Judi's bad behavior causes the other girls to try to get her sent home. watch Video Online The Bad Girls Club Season 7, Episode 11 10th October Youtube Free live stream Online VIDEO Oxygen Watch Pilot Episode For Free Trailer and Preview of 10th October 2011 Cast Crew Pictures and Wallpapers.Online Watch The Bad Girls Club Episode Full On Oxygen TV 10th October 2011 English Drama Serial. Watch The Bad Girls Club Oxygen Video online Free, The Bad Girls Club Series Download Free Oxygen 10th October 2011 Online Tv Live Streaming Summary: This week opens with the fallout from last week: Angelic stresses over her scratched-up face, while Tiara complains about Angi.Nastasia complains about Team Shelly’s shit talking. Priscilla complains about the roach she found in her bed. Priscilla says she’s ready for another attack. Judi puts a drawing of a dick on Priscilla’s photo. It’s a dick attack
Priscilla isn’t happy about the schlong over her face. She tells Judi not to put dick around her, and that she gets better dick than she ever will. Dick. Dick. Dick
Angelic says she should have attacked Nastasia instead of Tiara, because she’s probably the one that messed with her bed.Shelly yells for Angelic and gets her to steal Nastasia’s bleach. They dump it out in the sink.

A group of rebellious women are put in a house together in an experiment intended to moderate their behavior. The Bad Girls Club Season 7, Episode 1 1st August The final six contestants much explore their I Got The Voodoo For U in this week's challenge. The appearance of the players TV’s “Glee” is not just a series of views from the participants but also to check their abilities. And in turn this week that actor Darren Criss test the participants’ ability to sing but not sing solo, but to collaborate and “Glee” actor Darren Criss serves as the mentor once the contenders sing duets to test remarkable ability to collaborate.The Bad Girls Club takes seven rebellious women, varying from ages and different racial backgrounds who moves into a secluded mansion. Their lives in and out of the house are recorded, while they try to co-exist with each other and accomplished specific goals, claiming that they want to "change" their bad ways. While in the house, altercations rupture and sometimes escalates to physical fights. In this case, the "bad girl" who threw the first punch is usually sent home packing. In some cases, they feel remorseful and ask for a second chance. If a "bad girl" is removed from the house or left on her own terms, a replacement "bad girl", who is usually disliked by the original cast, enters the house. The girls in the house are given computers and a house phone to stay connected with their loved ones. They are also allowed to have frequent visitors. Throughout the show, the girls usually heads out to night clubs and to beauty parlors, they are asked to tolerate various interviews in the diary room. In most cases, the girls can also leave the country for vacation, head to the beach, or just to have fun.Tiara says she’s never been this bored in her life. Nastasia says she’s going to go whiten her teeth, and Judi tells her to save some for Angi.

Shelly fucks up Nastasia’s contacts by putting eyeliner in them as retaliation for calling her fake and messing with her bed. This is called crossing the line. Shelly says she would feel bad if Nastasia went blind, which shows she kind of knows how fucked up what she did was. I mean there’s “bad girl” and then there’s “sociopath.”

Nastasia is pissed when she realizes someone took her bleach, but says that she has backup bleach. I find the idea of backup bleach hilarious for some reason.

Tasha calls Nastasia a hood rat because Tasha is a racist bitch.

Tiara discovers the bleach bottles. What is left of the bleach has been watered down. Nastasia says, “You scared of my bleach bitch?” She says it’s about to be Hurricane Katrina up in here.

Nastasia decides it was either Angelic or Shelly who took her bleach. Angelic says she shouldn’t talk shit if she doesn’t know who did it. Shelly takes the complete rap for taking the bleach and says she did it because she thinks that Nastasia was the one who fucked with her bed.

Shelly points out to Angelic that even after she admitted the bleach incident, Nastasia wouldn’t admit to messing with her bed.

Angelic says she’s surprised by Shelly and that she thinks Shelly really cares about her. Oh Angelic, you’re so gullible.

Nastasia asks Tiara if she moved her contacts, and finds her contacts tampered with. She says she needs to call her dad for bail money, and then asks all of the girls if they did it, with each of them categorically denying any involvement with the incident.

Shelly says she’s done admitting her faults to Nastasia, since she wouldn’t admit to messing with her bed. Judi says that what Shelly did isn’t childish it’s a criminal defense.  (That wasn’t a typo, that’s really what she said.) Shelly tells Tiara, “You know me, if I did something I’d say I did it.”

Tiara says if you do that you should be bold enough to admit it, seeing through the bullshit.

Tasha and Priscilla tell Nastasia they didn’t touch her shit because they didn’t want her to touch their shit.

Judi tells Priscilla to shut up while Priscilla is on the phone. Priscilla tells her to say shut up to her face. Priscilla says Judi isn’t a human being, and Tasha chimes in that she might be the antichrist. Judi says she thinks the only one messed up enough to mess with Nastasia’s contacts is Priscilla.

Judi and Priscilla yell at each other from across the room while Priscilla’s on the phone.

Priscilla says she’ll knock Judi’s ass out and gets up in her face and then walks away. Judi continues to taunt her and she comes back and gets all up in her face again. Tasha enters the fray and then Priscilla shoves her in the corner, which starts a fight. Things don’t really get out of hand though, as Nastasia and security break the fight up. Priscilla calls Judi a dirty rat ho and says she’ll put a dirty tampon in her mouth. Security has to hold Priscilla back. Priscilla says “the roaches is coming,” whatever that means.

Priscilla says it’s really hard to maintain her cool but that if she’s made it this far she should stick around until the end.

Nastasia, Tiara, and Judi go out to Beauty Supply so Nastasia can get new contacts, though the ones that were destroyed were one of a kind, she says.

Tiara says the contact lenses are dark as hell (they’re supposed to be hazel), and Nastasia says they look cheap. She says she’s over the situation and doesn’t want to think about it because when she does she wants to slap people.

Tiara’s friend Amber comes to visit. After she arrives the girls head to Bourbon Street to get their drink on. Angelic and Tiara talk about their problems, and Judi says they need to make up. They hug it out. Does this mean Angelic is no longer on Team Shelly?

Judi says she has a plan and somebody needs to go home – and that somebody needs to be Priscilla. Her plan? Milk and cereal. They bet 20 bucks that she won’t do it.

Directors: Kasey Barrett, Claudia Frank, and 1 more credit »
Stars: Tanisha Thomas, Neveen Ismael and Kerry
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 5 December 2006 (USA)
Also Known As: Bad Girls Club
Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA

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