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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Watch Carolina vs Chicago Online Free Live Stream NFL -2nd October-2011,19:00 CET

Watch Carolina vs Chicago Online Free Live Stream NFL -2nd October-2011,19:00 CET
.Watch Carolina vs Chicago Live Stream Online PC TV Video Free, Carolina vs Chicago Live Online Instant Streaming Internet TV Free, Carolina vs Chicago Live Soccer TV Channels Online, Carolina vs Chicago live streaming broadcast Online Today, Carolina vs Chicago Live Stream Online Video Coverage Now, NFL live stream online HD TV Online, Carolina vs Chicago Live Stream Online HDTV Coverage Here.TEAM NEWS .:The Carolina Panthers head off for Chicago during week 4 with playoff thoughts in the backs of their minds. No matter how you slice it, the Panthers have a tough road to make the playoffs in 2011. They have a schedule that would challenge any team in the NFL, much less a young team led by a first year quarterback—even if he is Cam Newton(notes). Regardless, the Panthers need this win in Chicago to keep their record moving in the right direction. On paper, the Panthers should be able to compete with the Bears. They played the Packers much better than the Bears did, and they certainly should be able to move the ball. As a huge Carolina Panthers fan, I hope that the defense can hold up okay more than anything.


Can the Panthers Move the Ball Against the Chicago Defense?

In a word, yes. The Panthers have shown that they can move the football against anybody when they took the ball up and down the field against the Packers. Even though the offense dragged against the Jaguars a bit, the Panthers offense is for real. Nobody can deny that and keep a straight face. Chicago showed their defense is vulnerable this season, and will give up some yards in the air. The question is, how many times can the Panthers actually stick it in the end zone? That Bears defense gets tough in the red zone, and that happens to be the Panther's weakness.

Can the Panthers Force Jay Cutler(notes) into Turnovers?

One thing about the Panthers defense is that they are nasty. This team hits and hits hard. When you play the Panthers, you walk away knowing you were in a fight. Jay Cutler has struggled the last game or two and I hope that it continues versus the Panthers. If the Cats can force him into some bad decisions, then the Panthers will have a chance to beat the Bears. If not, then the game could turn into a shoot-out. I expect that the Panthers defense will take care of business, but give up some big plays.

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