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Friday, 21 October 2011

Watch CSI: NY Season 8 Episode 5 21 Oct Air Apparent Free Video

Watch CSI: NY Season 8 Episode 5 21 Oct Air Apparent Free Video.A lot of this heat was being thrown by none other than Breaking Bad‘s Dean Norris, playing Lieutenant Adler. Fresh off one of the best seasons of the greatest shows of all time, as well as a guest stint on the original CSI, it seems that Norris is a hot commodity these days.Watch Video Online CSI: NY Season 8 Episode 5 21 Oct Youtube Free live stream Online VIDEO E TV Watch Pilot Episode For Free Trailer and Preview of 21 Oct 2011 Cast Crew Pictures and Wallpapers.Online Watch CSI: NY Episode Full On E TV 21 Oct 2011 English Drama Serial. Watch CSI: NY E TV Video online Free, CSI: NY Series Download Free E TV 21 Oct 2011 Online Tv Live Streaming. Norris did a great job in his scenes, and he naturally injects a sense of seriousness and gravitas to the show that isn’t always there. He’s definitely playing a similar character to Hank from Breaking Bad, but he plays it well so I’m not complaining. Also, it’s great to see him walking around again! I’m not a big fan of this whole Danny and Cooper relationship. I mean, obviously Danny isn’t going to reciprocate because he’s a good guy and they don’t want us to dislike him, but we seem to at least be hinting that she’s developing some feelings for him. I really hope they don’t go anywhere with this, because the whole “Tough cop girl who falls for her overbearing superior” comes off as a bit cliche. So eventually we find out that Cooper wasn’t telling the truth, and that the shooting didn’t go down as her and the other cops would have us believe. This would have been more surprising or exciting if it wasn’t so telegraphed from the very beginning that the other two unnamed cops were lying.

However, the very first time you see them give their statements, they won’t even make eye contact in a clear display of “Look everybody out in TV-land, I’m lying!” It was still entertaining enough, I just wish it wasn’t quite as predictable. Also predictable was Danny being cleared of all charges after Cooper retracted her statement. Then, after an odd mid-episode time jump of two weeks, we see that he’s returned to being a regular detective. I’m a bit disappointed that we’ve already returned to the status quo after only four episodes. Mac is back in the crime lab after one episode, and Danny is back after four. I wish CSI: NY had the guts to stick with a few decisions for a bit longer, but oh well. It is a CSI show, after all.

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