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Monday, 26 September 2011

Watch Two And A Half Men Season 9, Episode 2 26th September People Who Love Peepholes Free Video

Watch Two And A Half Men Season 9, Episode 2 26th September People Who Love Peepholes Free Video Two And A Half Men Season 9, Episode 2 26th September Youtube VIDEO CBS Watch People Who Love PeepholesEpisode For Free Trailer and Preview of 26th September 2011 Cast Crew Pictures and Wallpapers its mean all things are available in my blog please see and check here for latest things for you thanks.Online Watch Two And A Half Men Episode Full On CBS TV 26th September 2011 Free People Who Love Peepholes CBSTV Drama Stream dailymotion video Two And A Half Men 19 -Sep -2011 CBS TV English Drama Serial. Watch Free OnlineTwo And A Half Men .Two And A Half Men Season 9, Episode 2, Watch Two And A Half Men Video online Live,Two And A Half Men Series zshare 26th Sep 11 Online Tv Live Streaming Video Summary: The episode opens with Charlie's funeral, where the only person attempting to be sensitive is Alan. Besides the family and Berta, the room consists of a slew of Charlie's ex-girlfriends and a drug dealer. When Alan proclaims in his eulogy that Charlie lived life to the fullest and gave it everything he had, the ex-girlfriends riddle off a list of what Charlie gave them—a series of STDs. The drug dealer just wanted the $38,000 that Charlie owed him.

Then Rose takes the podium. The recent rumors of Charlie's cause of death were correct. Let's briefly rewind to the end of season 8. Rose pretended to be married so that Charlie would become jealous and fall in love with her. It worked, but Alan knew that her "husband" was a mannequin. Unfortunately for Charlie, he never discovered the truth and took Rose to Paris. Fast forward back to the funeral, where Rose says that Charlie proposed in Paris and they had a few amazing days until she caught him in the shower with another woman. She claims she forgave him, but that the next day he "slipped on the metro platform and fell in front of an oncoming train." So we now know that Rose is so crazy that she will go as far as murder. Berta knows she did it, but will anyone accuse her throughout the season? I question what her role on the show is in the absence of Charlie. At this point, I think the most likely scenario is she will start to believe she really is married to the mannequin. There is also the potential for the character to be imprisoned or institutionalized at any time.

A few other points from the funeral scene:

The bowling shirt was a nice touch.
Jake's first lines remain typical of Jake: "I'm hungry. Anyone else hungry?"
Alan said that Charlie "lived life on his own terms and never apologized for who he was." This felt like it was intended for both the character and the actor, but we now know the actor has apologized.
After the funeral, the family gathers back at the beach house, which we learn Charlie left to Alan. It's explained that the house has multiple mortgages that Alan can't afford to pay, and Evelyn refuses to sell the house without a commission. In short, they have to sell the house, Alan is not going to profit from it, and he will have to move in with his mom. Life continues to suck for Alan. So, let's try to sell this house...

John Stamos wants to buy it! Once a rumored replacement for Charlie Sheen, John Stamos plays a character who wants to purchase the house until he realizes that it's Charlie Harper's house. The same Charlie Harper he had a threesome with on the couch in that very house. The unfortunate part of this story was that the woman fell asleep but the activity did not. Because of that, he can't buy it.

Dharma and Greg want to buy it! What? Dharma and Greg? It wasn't quite Dharma and Greg. It was Jenna Elfman and Thomas Gibson as a slightly more neurotic version of Dharma and Greg. I don't think Dharma would have ever threatened divorce, and I don't think Greg would have ever pretended to shoot himself in the head in response.

The potential buyers have left when Charlie's ashes are delivered to the house. I was glad to see a few moments of seriousness when Alan had the opportunity to talk to the remains of his brother and tell him that he loves him, misses him, and is grateful for everything that Charlie did for him. He then debates what to do with the ashes, and I sensed this was going to go downhill. Pamela Anderson probably won't swallow them like Charlie wanted. It's too creepy to live with the ashes at their mother's house. Alan decides he will spread them on the beach. For whatever reason, Alan opens the urn and we know the ashes aren't making it to the beach. Alan stands up, sees a creepy guy standing outside the patio door and flings the ashes all over the floor.A comedy about men, women, sex, dating, divorce, mothers, single parenthood, sibling relations, surrogate families, money and, most importantly, love. More specifically, it's about the lives of two brothers, one brother's son, and the many women who surround them. Charlie Harper is a well-to-do bachelor with a house at the beach, a Mercedes in the garage and an easy way with women. His casual Malibu lifestyle was interrupted when his tightly wound brother, Alan, and Alan's son, Jake, came to stay with him. Complicating matters further are Charlie and Alan's narcissistic, emotionally toxic mother, Evelyn; Alan's deeply neurotic ex-wife, Judith and Charlie's domineering, unapologetically blue-collar housekeeper, Berta. Despite the complexities of their lives and their own strained relationship, Charlie and Alan have one thing in common - they both love Jake and want what's best for him. As a result, they manage to create a little family unit that promises to make each of them a better man. TWO AND A HALF MEN has been the Number One-rated sitcom on television for the past four seasons.

Two And A Half Men Season 9, Episode 2
Network: CBS
Creators: Lee Aronsohn, Chuck Lorre
Stars: Jon Cryer, Angus T. Jones and Charlie Sheen
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 22 September 2003 (USA)
Also Known As: Dois Homens e Meio
Filming Locations: Malibu Colony Road, Malibu, California, USA

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