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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Downton Abbey Season 2 Episode 4 `Episode 4 9:00 PM ITV1 (UK)

It is now 1918. While a concert is being planned to cheer up the soldiers recovering their health at Downton, members of the family are trying to overcome several personal issues.   Watch Video Online Downton Abbey Season 2 Episode 4 9th October Youtube Free live stream Online VIDEO ITV1 (UK) Watch Pilot Episode For Free Trailer and Preview of 9th October 2011 Cast Crew Pictures and Wallpapers.Online Watch Downton Abbey Episode Full On ITV1 (UK) TV 9th October 2011 English Drama Serial. Watch Downton Abbey ITV1 (UK) Video online Free, Downton Abbey Series Download Free ITV1 (UK) 9th October 2011 Online Tv Live Streaming.Summary:Isobel and Cora cannot see eye to eye on how things should be done and Mary is determined to forget Matthew and get on with the rest of her life, possibly using Sir Richard Carlisle to make it possible. Neither Violet nor Lord Grantham are at all pleased with this possibility and His Lordship decides to have an important discussion with Mary. Meanwhile, Thomas, who has been made manager of the convalescent men, makes life extremely difficult for poor Carson, who is used to having things done his way and not being upstaged by a former footman. Branson promises Carson to behave in future, but can he be trusted? Lord Grantham decides that he must speak to Bates in person and Mrs. Hughes is in for a shock which effects herself as well as other staff members. Mrs. Bird and Molesley decide to do their part to help everyone with the war effort.Downton Abbey has opened its doors to the wounded officers from the war and caused quite an upheaval among the Granthams and Crawleys upstairs and the downstairs help. The chain of command has been tarnished as Thomas is brought in as manager of the house via Mrs O’Brien’s fantastic manipulation of Cora.

Because I love these characters so much I’m willing to go quite the distance. For the past few episodes the show has effectively balanced country estate politics with the backdrop of the First World War. But the squabbles over the chain of command in the beginning of this episode got pretty tiring pretty fast and I was happy when the episode finally moved away from petty bickering over the rather dull affair and only to more scandalous stuff.

As always with the tremendous multitude of the rich Downton Abbey characters, if one storyline does not appeal, there’re always about twenty more at hand to keep you entertained. Be it interfering Rosamund’s curiosity of Livinia or Mrs Crawley’s insistence in controlling the workings of the house or William’s departure for the front and his unrequited romance with Daisy, there’s plenty to latch on to.

I loved William’s proposal: “You know what I’m going to ask you, so, will you?” And of course Daisy’s wide-eyed acceptance of the proposal (or, rather more correctly, Mrs Patmore’s acceptance on her behalf) was as perfectly played as it was tragic. Daisy has always been a scene stealer in an episode loaded with them; she’s something of an idiot savant and seeing her trying to squirm out of something she does not want is a real treat.

The tensest moment of the episode came with Branson’s faux assassination attempt. After hearing news that he won’t get the chance to embarrass the British army after he’s rejected for duty due to a heart murmur, he leaves a note for Sybil. The episode played on the dangers well: rather pointed camera zooms and cunning glances by Branson assured the audience that something wicked was coming. But what was presumed to be a gun turned out rather to be a pile of slop Branson had intended to throw in protest over the esteemed soldier.

It was a solid episode of Downton Abbey, and just about halfway through the season the seeds of discontent (ooh, what a cliché) are being sown, to be reaped hopefully in the next few episodes.

What did you think of this episode? Sound off in the comments below.

Genre:Drama, Family, History
Creator: Julian Fellowes
Stars: Hugh Bonneville, Jessica Brown Findlay and Laura Carmichael
Country: UK
Language: English
Filming Locations: Bampton, Oxfordshire, England, UK

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