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Monday, 10 October 2011

Watch Castle Season 4, Episode 4 Kick the Ballistics Free Video

Watch Castle Season 4, Episode 4 10th October Don't Lay Down On Me Now Free Video.The shooting death of a young woman points to Ryan's stolen gun as the murder weapon - the gun stolen earlier by serial killer 3XK. Now Castle and Beckett are up against the clock to track down 3XK before he kills again. watch Video Online Castle Season 4, Episode 4 10th October Youtube Free live stream Online VIDEO ABC Watch Pilot Episode For Free Trailer and Preview of 10th October 2011 Cast Crew Pictures and Wallpapers.Online Watch Castle Episode Full On ABC TV 10th October 2011 English Drama Serial. Watch Castle ABC Video online Free, Castle Series Download Free ABC 10th October 2011 Online Tv Live Streaming Summary: When mystery-thriller writer Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) is called in to help investigate a series of copycat murders based on his books, he finds he enjoys the experience sufficiently to want to continue it. Pulling strings, he arranges to accompany NYPD Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic), claiming he wants to study and use her as a personality basis for his next book series. Once that initial case was solved, Castle and Beckett continued to investigate strange homicides in New York, combining Castle's writer intuition and Beckett's creative detective work. Over the past three seasons, Castle and Beckett's relationship has grown even stronger as they've dodged bullets, captured killers, and solved countless murder cases with their unorthodox partnership.

Castle is practically giddy to learn who they’re chasing down on this week’s episode of “Castle.”

“Our killer is a superhero!”

The vigilante-slash-fake-superhero stopped a would-be rapist in an alley, by literally slicing the guy into pieces. The almost-victim didn’t want to reveal that the guy who saved her was dressed like a comic character because she didn’t think anybody would believe her. And they wouldn’t have, but Castle and Beckett found someone else (Tony the butcher!) who had witnessed the superhero in action previously and had caught him on surveillance tapes. Tony the butcher dropped his pants to show Beckett and Castle that a comic character had carved an L in his behind.

Captain Gates thinks Beckett’s superhero must be a crazy person, but Castle insists the vigilante isn’t insane. Castle identifies ways in which the superhero has drawn from various famous “real” superheroes and from that thinks the guy must be mild-mannered and lost his parents early in life. And the superhero must read comics, they figure, so Beckett and Castle hit the comic book store trail.

Castle cracks every comic joke he can muster (“my spider senses…unless you can move faster than a speeding bullet) and we learn important stuff like Beckett would be Electra if she could be any character. Esposito confesses he kind of is a superhero, knockin’ heads, fighting crime.

Turns out the costume from the alley is the same as an online character’s from an online comic called the Lone Vengeance. Castle recalls a button from the crime scene matches one the picture of the comic’s uniform. When Beckett and Castle head back to find it, the superhero emerges, bounces around and gets away. But Esposito calls to say they’ve figured out who the guy is because he bought a sword in a pawn shot. They enter the said superhero’s apartment while he’s brushing up on his sword moves, and with that he’s caught. Ahh, but he’s not.

This fake superhero is bent on being an apprentice to another superhero playing Lone Vengeance. Castle explains to the suspect that “lone” means he won’t want a partner. Seems they’ve got the wrong guy.

But after careful study of the comics, Castle figures out that the vigilante they want, the guy who did the chopping, is actually the comic book writer and he committed the crime against Tony the butcher and then wrote the comic story to resemble that incident. The detectives figure out the vigilante is a local reporter and realize that the crime in the alley wasn’t a the usual good deed, rather in this instance, the superhero was killing to protect his identity. Captain Gates once again tells Beckett to get a confession and for the second time, calls the mayor to say they’ve caught the comic killer.

Beckett gets the reporter to confess, but that’s not enough for Castle. He wants to know how the reporter-slash-superhero broke his superhero code and his answer makes clear to both Beckett and Castle that this guy isn’t the killer. The reporter is actually the writer of the comic, but not the one dressing up like it. And still the real fake superhero is not in custody.

Beckett and Castle head out to grab a third guy they think dressed like Lone Vengeance. And while Castle is briefly disappointed by his “lair” he quickly gets giddy again when he finds a wall full of knives.

Beckett hides in the dark apartment and eventually gets the masked avenger to remove his mask. But it’s a her.

“Officer Hastings,” gasps Beckett.

“I didn’t see that coming,” says Castle.
So this NYPD officer in custody reveals she joined the force after her dad was killed in his dry cleaning shop. Then became a superhero. But guess what? She’s not the one who killed the rapist in the alley. It turns out the would-be-rapist had a pattern and somebody knew he’d be in the alley that night. And the reporter who confessed was her boyfriend trying to protect her.

That means, if you’re keeping track, there’s a third Lone Vengeance out there
“A criminal who wanted vengeance against Lone Vengeance,” says Castle.
Tony the butcher. He’s the guy. Lone Vengeance was harassing his people, impeding his business and it turns out the would-be-rapist was the Lone Vengeance’s tipster. Beckett and Castle seal it up with fingerprints from the button, which Officer Hastings had had tested in the lab because she too was chasing the bad guy. She gets sprung and her secret identity remains just that.

“You’re a good cop and you’ve got someone who cares about you. Don’t be so driven by the past that you ignore your future.” That wasn’t a line from Castle, it was ironically from Beckett to Officer Hastings. The parallel is lost on nobody.

The side story tonight is that Alexis is heading to Stanford University in January, rather than waiting until the following fall to begin school. But it turns out Alexis isn’t just going there to be with her boyfriend, but she’s even taking the same classes he’s talking so that they can spend even more time together. Castle hates this idea. The discussion ends up being an argument, but by the end of the show they make up. And then Alexis says she won’t take all the same classes, but that she’ll live with her beau once she gets there.

Do you think it was weird that Beckett and Castle just went about their business and all of the tension from last week’s “she remembered” plot was forgotten?

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Creator: Andrew W. Marlowe
Stars: Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic and Susan Sullivan
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 2009 (USA)

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