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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Watch 90210 Season 4, Episode 8 8th November Vegas, Maybe? Free Video

watch Video Online 90210 Season 4, Episode 8 8th November Youtube Free live stream Online VIDEO The CW Watch Pilot Episode For Free Trailer and Preview of 8th November 2011 Cast Crew Pictures and Wallpapers.Online Watch 90210 Episode Full On The CW TV 8th November 2011 English Drama Serial. Watch 90210 The CW Video online Free, 90210 Series Download Free The CW 20 November 2011 Online Tv Live Streaming. Naomi agreed to join forces with her arch enemy Holly this week in order to throw CU's masquerade ball. Like we didn't know THAT was going to end tragically. Sweet as pie and a little too agreeable, I knew Holly was up to no good. And she didn't prove me wrong when those coy little texts started popping up on the video screens at the ball.Seemingly from Austin, Naomi jumped at the bait. Wasn't it only a week ago that she was dumped by the love of her life, Max? How quickly she forgot. Festering over Austin now, she immediately made a fool of herself, courtesy of Holly.
Naomi may have thought she had the last laugh by having Holly kicked out of the party... but Holly turned the tables on her. After squealing to the dean about the rampant nudity, open flames and all around fun happening at the party, the dean took Naomi's student council presidency title away and gave it right back to Holly. Gotta admit the girl can play a mean snake when push comes to shove.

The big 90210 Halloween episode had plenty of scares, with a disastrous party for Naomi, one character dressed as a hot dog, more crazy undercover drama for Navid and a pair of handcuffs.

Naomi's Halloween Costume: Silver dressed like a hot dog was ridiculous, but Naomi promised to be scantily clad, and her sexy pirate costume actually covered her up more than her normal clothes do. I don't think she fully understands how to be slutty on Halloween.

Naomi's Confession: Holly's big master plan to destroy Naomi was to broadcast her emotional confession about liking Austin. The only problem is that it was actually sweet and moving, so the idea that people would mock Naomi for it is ludicrous. It also works since she gets with Austin by the end of the  At least Holly's back-up plan to get her kicked out of the Greek Council was more successful.

Ray Wise as Dean Thomas: If you want scary, look no further than the fact that the Dean who stripped Naomi of her leadership role at the Greek Council and shut down the party (rightfully so given the fire, snakes and nudity) is played by Ray Wise, aka Leland Palmer from Twin Peaks and the Devil from Reaper. That guy is terrifyingly awesome, though the scariest part might be how sad his career is if he's guest starring on 90210.

Annie's College Courses: Annie had to blow off a date to work on a college class about the impact of celebrity bloggers on society. People are paying good money to attend California University, and this is the assignment? America's future is bleak if this is what kids are studying these days.

Annie's Bad Taste in Men: Annie finally woke up to the fact that she's really a prostitute when Patrick ordered her food, bought her a dress worth more than her car and got Perez Hilton to personally show up to help with her paper on celebrity bloggers. Thankfully she dumped him, but that was short-lived. The fact that she could be convinced to keep dating a man in his mid-30s who shows up to a college party wearing nothing but a barrel says all you need to know about her taste in men.

Adrianna's Handcuff Rehab: Let's assume handcuffing yourself to Dixon is a good idea to help him cope with his ADHD medication addiction (which it totally isn't). How does part two of that plan not include checking the dresser drawer he sleeps next to for a bottle of pills? Plus, it didn't even work since he ran to get more drugs as soon as the cuffs came off.

Liam and Austin's Great Ab Showdown: So Liam didn't want to be rich and famous for having a hot body by disclosing his identity as the mysterious giant set of abs on a billboard. But a few words from Adrianna (plus a group of women chanting "Show your abs!") changed his mind. However, I have a hard time believing Austin didn't have the same magic and would lose in an ab showdown. Matt Lanter is hot, but Justin Deeley's body is every bit as nice. If you don't believe me, do a quick Google search to find photos of Deeley as an actual underwear model.

Silver's Campaign Video: All she did was throw in a few stock shots of kids playing with a woman who tells a sad story about how Marissa Harris-Young got her a house. I don't understand how that qualifies her to run for Congress, nor do I understand why 90210 has made Brandy's character so saintly that she makes Mother Teresa look like a serial killer. Even the big twist that the woman was an actress turned out to be positive since it really did happen and the real woman just didn't want to be on camera. Still, Silver is under some grand delusion that politics is supposed to be 100 percent honest, which is so naive it borders on moronic. If Silver really wants to make an impact, she needs demonic sheep or random shots of the campaign manager smoking a cigarette.

Navid's Undercover Work: Somehow the cops are still having Navid do all of their work by trying to get back into his uncle's good graces, resulting in Navid having to break up with Silver to protect his cover. Navid even offered to get back into the porn business and star in the films. That's going a tad overboard, though I'm pretty sure Undercover Porn Star might be Rob Schneider's next film, about a low-level CIA analyst who is asked to go undercover to break up an adult film company's ties to the Yakuza after his boss sees how well-endowed he is in the CIA locker room.

Next week on 90210: The gang goes o Vegas to meet Vinny from Jersey Shore and enjoy Teddy's sudden gay wedding. I wonder if it will last longer than Kim Kardashian's marriage.

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