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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Watch NCIS Season 9, Episode 8 8th November Engaged (1) Free Video

Watch Video Online NCIS Season 9, Episode 8 8th November Youtube Free live stream Online VIDEO CBS Watch Pilot Episode For Free Trailer and Preview of 8th November 2011 Cast Crew Pictures and Wallpapers.Online Watch NCIS Episode Full On CBS TV 8th November 2011 English Drama Serial. Watch NCIS CBS Video online Free, NCIS Series Download Free CBS 20 November 2011 Online Tv Live Streaming. A henpecked husband just wants to sneak a little snack before going home, and gets busted in the drive-thru by a call from his wife. I don't know why he thinks he can eat all that grease and expect that she won't notice when he gets home. Stale fries have a scent that's harder to get rid of than Old Spice (don't ask me how I know this). This guy's not going to have to worry about hiding his fast food addiction, seeing as how he gets shot in the neck with a dart.

DiNozzo found 14 hairs in his shower drain this morning. He knows because he counted them. He's done that every morning for 12 years. Yes, that's weird. But my question is, why did he start 12 years ago? Tony's not that old. Did he start when he turned 30? Now I'm wondering about how old Tony is, because he doesn't seem 42 to me. I hate math, so I'm going to stop worrying about Tony's age and focus on the fact that Diane (ex-wife to both Gibbs and Fornell) has asked them both to meet her at a coffee cart.

Diane's husband Victor didn't make it home last night and she wants help finding him. Now maybe it's just me, but it seems like bad form to ask your exes to help find your current spouse, especially when it turns out that you cheated on one of the those exes with said missing spouse. I'm pretty sure that if I asked my exes for help, they'd put themselves in the hospital from laughing so hard. But, my exes aren't the stand-up guys that Gibbs and Fornell are, so they start digging. Probably a good decision, since Victor works for Homeland Security.

Create Your Own Virus

Victor's been kidnapped and forced to download a recipe for a synthetic virus that can be used as a weapon. He also has millions in several bank accounts in the Cayman Islands. Is the kidnapping just a ruse so he can sell the recipe for the virus to the highest bidder? At this point, I think Diane is more ticked at the hidden money than the fact that her husband might be a criminal. After all, she cleaned out the bank accounts of both her exes when she divorced them. Just think what she could do with that much cash!

In the end, Victor's proven innocent when one of his Homeland Security co-workers is found trying to infect top members of the various military branches at the Armed Forces football game. The culprit dies, but not before warning that Gibbs and Fornell haven't stopped anything. Is this an empty threat, or are we going to see the virus pop up later in the season?

Goodbye Again

Diane stops by to thank Gibbs for finding her husband. She also wants tell him that he was her Shannon, her one true love. It's strange to think of Gibbs meaning that much to his ex. They weren't married that long, and she did marry Fornell not long after their divorce. But people do odd things when they're hurt and searching for comfort. (Don't ask me how I know that, either). Tonight, in this episode of the Ex-Files..sorry, couldn’t resist.

Anyway…in tonight’s episode Gibbs and Fornell face their biggest foe yet – their shared ex-wife. Diane’s brand new Homeland Security-employed hubby goes missing (along with a deadly virus) and she asks her NCIS-employed ex-hubby Gibbs and FBI-employed ex-hubby Fornell to help out. Is it just me or does this woman seem to have a thing for guys with guns and badges?

As much as Gibbs and Fornell probably wanted to think that Victor was involved in the whole virus thing, it turns out he really was the victim through it all. But along the way we certainly got to learn a lot about all three of these people who share such a unique connection. Gibbs married Diane to get over Shannon and Diane married Fornell to get over Gibbs. That revelation was something that I wasn’t expecting from an episode I expected to be nothing but laughs from beginning to end and I was honestly quite moved by the final scene.

Not that there weren’t plenty of laughs though, because there were. I just love the way Gibbs and Fornell work together, their chemistry and comic timing is spot-on. It makes me wish that we’d see Fornell a little more often but it’s probably for the best that we don’t. This way we get to treasure those episodes where does show up to play Costello to Gibbs’ Abbott (or maybe it’s the other way around, I can’t be sure).

My favorite bits..

Knowing as soon as Victor said “one burger isn’t going to kill me” that he was in big trouble.

Okay now I know I’m not crazy. Here’s yet another episode that’s starting with Tony (after the opening credits). I wonder what’s up with that?

Kinda being a little grossed out by the fact that Tony brought his shower drain to work. Ick.

Giggling at the term “skin yamulke”

Ziva putting her foot straight into her mouth by pointing out that at least the guys weren’t going gray. Haha, oops!

“We are not your personal buddy cop investigative service.” – Oh but come on, how cool would that be? Gibbs and Fornell partnered up and solving crime kinda like Simon and Simon? That would be awesome!

Gibbs opening the door to find the “kids” listening in. Ha!

Feeling so bad for Ducky when he told Gibbs he hadn’t been sleeping well lately.

“You know what I’m thinking?”
“Victor was so desperate to get away from Diane that he had himself kidnapped?”

Abby asking for a ‘do over’ and actually getting Gibbs to walk outside and back in the lab again. That was freaking fantastic.

Tony telling Fornell to let it all out when he started griping about Diane.

Mr. Woodchuck?? Hahaha!

OMG, it’s a geek on a tricycle!

The geek …erm I mean the security guy getting more and more hilariously creepy with every word that came out of his mouth.

How fast Gibbs and Fornell turned on Tony when he tried to suggest they would know better than anyone what Victor was up to. Oops.

Kinda liking the way Fornell calls Tony “DiNotso.”

Fornell guzzling back the Pepto.

The look on Tony’s face when he realized that Gibbs was behind him when Diane was talking rather suggestively about the reason why Gibbs and Fornell had married her. LOL.

“I keep saying it: things were better before the internet.”

Carol flirting with Fornell.

Ooh! Another rule! *tries very hard not to make any 69 jokes*

“Have you just been waiting for this all these years, an opportunity to twist the knife in?” “No, that’s your specialty.” – Ouch!

Diane suggesting that Gibbs married her to get over Shannon. Double ouch.

“Not too bad for two guys who missed the wedding.”

Gibbs backing off before Victor could hug him.

Wait. Did Fornell just quote Ricky Ricardo? Hahaha!

Diane continuously calling McGee “Macaulay.”

Victor getting Diane to calm down immediately by telling her he was okay.

Abby saying that she had searched “the Google.”

Fornell telling Gibbs that he had the same condom in his wallet since college because it represented hope. LOL.

“Suddenly I’m not feeling very homeland-y or secure.”

Gibbs little grin when he pointed out to Vance that at least he’d cut the crusts off Vance’s “bone sandwich.”

“Cheer up Tobias, at least you’ll never have to talk to Diane again.”
“I have a child with her.”
“Oh that’s right, I guess I won’t have to.”

Diane giving Gibbs his grandfather’s watch back before telling him that he was her “Shannon.” – Aw, now who’d a thought that woman would end up making me feel all emotional? What a sweet ending!

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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