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Friday, 13 April 2012

Formula1 - Shanghai Grand Prix online video Free Live Stream China Cars race (Practice 2) Preview -13 April -2012,08:00 CET

Formula1 - Shanghai Grand Prix Live Stream online video China Cars race (Practice 2) 2012 Video Free The match will take plcae at the in on  04/12/12 Preview Pictures and Wallpapers its mean all things are available in my blog please see and check here for latest things for you thanks.Watch Free Formula1 - Shanghai Grand Prix Stream Free online video Video Of China Cars race (Practice 2) Friday 13 April  2012 Kickoff and Time Table scheduled for 08:00 CET.China Cars race (Practice 2),Watch Video online video Live online video,Formula1 - Shanghai Grand Prix Live Streaming Video ,Formula1 - Shanghai Grand Prix Stream,Formula1 - Shanghai Grand Prix Live free,Formula1 - Shanghai Grand Prix Streaming,Formula1 - Shanghai Grand Prix Live, Formula1 - Shanghai Grand Prix online video,Formula1 - Shanghai Grand Prix online video, Formula1 - Shanghai Grand Prix Results,China Cars race (Practice 2) Fixtures.Chinese Grand Prix is the most challenging race in Formula 1 calendar, the Motorsport spectators look on Shanghai circuit for the 3rd race of the season and it promising to be one of the best races to look forward to for the season so keep tuning in here for all the race days starting with Friday free practice sessions to the Sunday’s main race. Shanghai will feature long straight and it will give more opportunity for overtaking.

Shanghai International Circuit
Number of Laps: 56
Circuit Length: 5.451 km
Race Distance: 305.066 km
Lap Record: 1:32.238 – M Schumacher (2004)
Once again FIA declared Mercedes W03 DRS F-duct rear-wing is legal. Now this time FIA reacted recently Lotus protest against Mercedes rear wing. FIA again and again declared the W03's new innovative front-wing stall device to be officially permitted since the start of the season and have now maintained that stance in the wake of Lotus making their dissent official by launching a formal protest on Friday.
The stewards decided unanimously that the protest is dismissed," the governing International Automobile Federation said in a statement. The reaction, Lotus has pledged not to appeal the decision.
Team Principal Ross Brawn says it’s frustrating in Shanghai that the problem was still hanging over his team.
It's disappointing after three races we're still in this situation," Brawn said of the protest. The system hasn't changed, the FIA's position hasn't changed, and as far as I understand their argument hasn't changed. Brawn told Sky F1.
It is part of the DRS system. DRS are there to enhance overtaking and it's there to enhance overtaking. It has no other purpose," he added.
There is no limitation on the effect that operating the flap has, and we are operating the flap and gaining as much as we can from the system. The flap is driver operated. But that is all that is driver operated."

China Cars race (Practice 2)
Match : Formula1 - Shanghai Grand Prix 
Date Friday 13 April  2012
Kick Off Time:   KO 7:00  
Venue;: 02:00 ET
Live/Repeat: Live

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