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Friday, 11 May 2012

A. Alekseev v F. Arslan online video Free Live Boxing Preview -11 May -2012,21:00 CET

 A. Alekseev v F. Arslan Live Stream online video Boxing 2012 Video Free The match will take plcae at the in on 05/09/12 Preview Pictures and Wallpapers its mean all things are available in my blog please see and check here for latest things for you thanks.Watch Free A. Alekseev v F. Arslan Stream Free online video Video Of Boxing Friday 11 May 2012 Kickoff and Time Table scheduled for 21:00 CET.Boxing ,Watch Video online video Live online video,A. Alekseev v F. Arslan Live Streaming Video ,A. Alekseev v F. Arslan Stream,A. Alekseev v F. Arslan Live free,A. Alekseev v F. Arslan Streaming,A. Alekseev v F. Arslan Live, A. Alekseev v F. Arslan online video,A. Alekseev v F. Arslan online video, A. Alekseev v F. Arslan Results,Boxing Fixtures. Please be aware that I can not take picks after this time -the topic will be locked. 10 coin for entering and 100 coins to the weeks winner. Overall winner 5000 coins, 2nd 2500 coins and 3rd 1000 coins Ever seen a picture where something doesn't look right? Well put it in here. To start with I've used the infamous "Fan man" incident where it almost looks like a photo shop job

Der „Löwe“ Firat Arslan (32-5-1 (21)) ist zurück in Göppingen und hat vor dem morgigen Titelkampf gegen Alexander Alekseev (23-2 (20))das Limit problemlos auf die Waage gebracht. Der Lokalmatador war mit 90,2 Kilogramm etwas schwerer als der Titelträger. Europameister Alexander Alekseev wurde mit glatten 90 Kilogrammeingewogen. Die weiteren Gewichte:
Supermittelgewicht 4 Runden
Butrint Rama (75,9 kg) vs.  Marcen Gierke  10-40-2 (0), (76,0 kg)
Cruiserweight 6 Runden
Noel Gevor  3-0-0 (2), (90,5 kg) vs.  Marko Angermann 10-10-0 (3), (89,0 kg)
Heavyweight 8 Runden
Juan Carlo Gomez  50-3-0 (38) (108,1 kg) vs. Maksym Pedyura  14-5-1 (11), (112,0 kg)
Light Welterweight WBF Int. Conti Title10 Runden x 2 min
Klara Svensson  4-0-0 (1), (62,0 kg) vs. Zsofia Bedo 5-24-1 (1), (62,0 kg)
Cruiserweight 8 Runden
Rakhim Chakhkiev  13-0-0 (10), (90,7 kg) vs.  Zac Page  21-38-2 (7), (90,0 kg)
Middleweight WBC Mediteran Title 12 Runden
Gökalp Özekler 12-1-0(6,) (72,0 kg) vs. Mouez Fhima Louvroil 21-1-1 (8), (71,7 kg)
Cruiserweight EBU and WBO IntcontiTitlefight 12 Runden
Alexander Alekseev  23-2-0 (19), (90,0 kg) vs. Firat Arslan 32-5-1 (21), (90,2 kg)
Tickets sind noch an der Abendkasse ab 30,50 € in der EWS Arena erhältlich.


Match : A. Alekseev v F. Arslan

Friday Date   11 May 2012

Kick Off Time: 20:00   BST 15:00 ET

Venue :

Live/Repeat: Live

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